August Specials

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1st – Raspberry matcha tea
  (Matcha powder, raspberry syrup)
2nd – Cake batter frappe
  (White Choc, white coffee, cake barter)
3rd – S’mores mocha
  (Hershey’s, shortbread, toasted marshmallow)
4th – Java Chip Frappe
5th – Mango passion tea
  (Mango passionfruit tea w/ mango syrup)
6th – Peach cream smoothie
  (Peach smoothie, half and half, frappe powder)
7th – Almond Brittle
  (Caramel and almond)
8th – Caramel banana chai smoothie
  (Banana purée, caramel sauce, vanilla chai)
9th – Passion quencher
  (Passionfruit, club soda, tropical xs)
10th – Blueberry lemonade
11th – Cinnamon roll mocha
12th – Death by chocolate frappe
  (Dark chocolate powder, chocolate milk, chocolate frappe powder, espresso)
13th – Toasted caramel latte
  (Caramel, toasted marshmallow)
14th – Creme brûlée latte
  (Caramel, brown sugar cinnamon)
15th – Coconut mocha
16th – Raspberry cream
  (Raspberry smoothie, half and half, frappe powder)
17th – Banana split frappe
  (Banana purée, Hershey’s, strawberry syrup. Can be made w/ or w/o coffee)
18th – Elvis mocha
  (Peanut butter, banana, Hershey’s)
19th – Caramel pecan latte
20th – Banana cream pie soda
  (Banana, coconut, vanilla)
21st – Berry bliss iced tea
  (Passion tea, blueberry and pomegranate syrups)
22nd – White chocolate matcha latte
  (Matcha green tea powder, W.C.)
23rd – Tangerine cream soda
24th – Blackberry cheesecake frappe
  (White coffee, W.C., blackberry w/ blackberry sauce drizzle and whipped cream)
25th – Toffee cake batter mocha
  (Caramel, Hershey’s, pecan syrup)
26th – Turtle sundae mocha
  (Caramel, Hershey’s, pecan syrup)
27th – Horchata latte
  (White coffee, W.C., real cinnamon powder, rice milk)
28th – Cherry blossom
  (Cherry, Hershey’s, almond)
29th – Caramel apple smoothie
  (Green Apple smoothie, caramel sauce, half and half)
30th – Blended caramel apple chai
  (Chai of choice, apple syrup, frappe powder)
31st – Mint chocolate chip frappe
  (Matcha powder, peppermint bark, Oreos or chocolate chips)