December Specials

  1. Grinch hot chocolate (peppermint paddy and White chocolate)
  2. Candy cane mocha (white chocolate, peppermint bark, shot of cherry)
  3. fireside mocha (chocolate, marshmallow, cupcake)
  4. white chocolate dipped ginger cookie (white chocolate, gingerbread, shortbread)
  5. Peanut butter trifle latte (peanut butter, white chocolate, shortbread)
  6. jack frost mocha (white chocolate, peppermint paddy)
  7. sweet cinnamon latte (cinnamon syrup, vanilla bean)
  8. maple brown sugar latte (maple, real brown sugar on top)
  9. pumpkin pie chai (spiced chai, pumpkin)
  10. frosted gingerbread (white chocolate, gingerbread)
  11. butter rum pumpkin pie
  12. pumpkin cookie crumble (white chocolate, pumpkin, cookie dough)
  13. butter rum eggnog
  14. tiramisu latte (tiramisu, shortbread)
  15. peppermint bark mocha (white choc. peppermint bark)
  16. Country pumpkin latte (caramel pecan, cookie dough, pumpkin)
  17. Christmas americano ( white chocolate, peppermint bark topped with eggnog)
  18. Dirty Chai
  19. Pumpkin Pie Latte ( pumpkin sauce)
  20. Peppermint mocha (Hershey’s Chocolate with peppermint bark)
  21. Gingerbread chai ( gingerbread and spiced chai)
  22. Chocolate covered cherry mocha ( Hershey’s chocolate & cherry)
  23. Pumpkin bread latte ( pumpkin sauce, short bread topped with nut mag )
  24. Mexican mocha (made with half and half, Hershey’s, cinnamon, vanilla)
  25. Christmas punch ( b12 cran raspberry, pomegranate, raspberry, cranberry juice and club soda)
  26. Sprinkled coconut latte ( coconut, vanilla and white coffee)
  27. Gingerbread hot chocolate ( Hershey’s, gingerbread)
  28. Caramel praline latte (praline, caramel sauce)
  29. Turtle dove latte (Butter rum, almond)
  30. white angel cupcake (white chocolate, cupcake, vanilla bean, white coffee)
  31. Christmas in a cup (spiced chai, pumpkin, eggnog)