Family Friendly Baristas

Classic Coffee is part of the Classy Chassis family of companies. We are family owned and have been proudly serving the community since 1985. Classic Coffee in Lakewood joined the family in 2007, and Classic Coffee on Sprague Avenue in Tacoma joined the family in 2017.

Our family friendly baristas will be happy to serve you a steaming coffee drink, a refreshing iced drink or a creamy smoothie! We offer a variety of custom drinks, a breakfast and lunch menu, gourmet treats, as well as daily special offers.

Classic Coffee Hipsters

Baristas turned hipsters at the Lakewood stand


Dyon & Kelsey

Bekah and Mary having fun at the Sprague Ave stand!


Danielle at Classic Coffee

Smile! Danielle at Lakewood stand


Dyon at Classic Coffee

Showing their holiday spirit at the Sprague Ave stand!